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su voto es su voz

When I search facebook for “Arizona
Immigration Law” there are three groups of people who support it
– none that don’t. I’ve not searched using Spanish. 🙂 I think my Latino friends might want to start a group that would help to create awareness about this

When it comes to immigration, we have tolerated horrible… and inhumane practices, and now it’s time for people to be heard.

The thinking that illegal immigration
increases crime is idiocy. If we didn’t make things so difficult,
much of the crimes (see article) would stop all by themselves.

It’s about time we thanked
people who are willing to work, taking away jobs that people in the comforts of their air-conditioned middle class homes aren’t
willing to do anyway. Supporting policies that make their lives more difficult is an
indication that these people are further and further out of touch
with reality.

Link :|hig|05-06-2010|editors_highlights