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Why is ‘change’ so difficult?

 My friend Tony, has this thought… “We should try to be the parents of future rather than the offspring of our past.”  I have thought of that idea often.  Why is it so difficult?  While reading The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit by Joseph Chilton Pearce I came across the following additional thoughts.

“The word tradition comes from the Latin traducare, “to traduce,” “to betray,” to trade on or barter away.  Tradition is a snare, locking the present into a replication of the past, a dynamic similar to the one that led to the fate of Sanskrit, with its vitality diminished and its fresh content immobilized in formal overlay until it had gone stale and was spoiled and of no use-expect to those diehards upholding the tradition, those whose identities are locked into it, whose egos are invested in it, or whose fortunes depend on it.  Tradition and religion go hand in hand-two cutlural supports tying us to replications of the past and blocking the unfolding of our future in the present.”  [pg. 223]

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