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What "Freedoms" are we fighting for????

I grew up being taught that two wrongs don’t make a right.

Next month I’ll be 48.  I get interested whenever I hear people who are half my age, praising the US military for protecting their freedom.  It’s even more interesting when “Christian” freedom is brought in to the mix… sort of like a double whammy! 

Having lived abroad for over 20 years and it’s natural I suppose, that a different perspective would offer a different conclusions – but I wonder what exactly, these people mean when they use the word “freedom”

I’m curious to understand what freedoms a twenty or thirty year old might feel that the US military has protected for them during the past 20 years. 

Perhaps it’s the freedom to take away a citizen’s life and rights just because they might be a threat. As a nation over the past Bush administration, we’ve just come through one of the greatest subversions of freedom for the average citizen of any nation in the world!

Perhaps it’s the freedom to live in luxury while mcu of the world suffers.  That is the conclusion that many have drawn from US involvement in the US/Iraqi war – “We must protect our way of life!” (Which means we must protect our oil supplies.)  At least this is consistent with the majority of rich people everywhere.  I don’t exclude myself in saying this, but wealth inevitably shelters the wealthy from the less privileged.  It’s easiest if we don’t have to see it all and for sure, we don’t have to do anything about what we don’t know is there.

Or perhaps they’re referring to the freedom to attack at will, any country we think might be a threat against us in some way. Who cares that there was no evidence in the end – “it was a corrupt administration anyway!” (someone actually told me this.) If the future stays true to the past, the US military, political, and economic  involvement in Iraq will prove to be the greatest, continued, destabilizing force in that country’s development and progress.

Yet again, perhaps it’s the freedom to continue living in fear, and gaining a sense of security from the presence of a strong and aggressive military.  In the old American West, pioneer families loved the strong, hard fighting men – because they provided protection against the native people.  I wonder how many people died needlessly, simply due to a lack of respect and understanding – a lack of awareness of what they were doing and how they were viewed by those native Americans?

It seems to me that the last thirty years of US military policy has been about the same as that of the old West fighting men – “shoot first, ask questions later”.

When we will ever realize that there are better ways than fighting?
When will we ever become aware?

This blog is represents the views and opinions of David – only and is not necessarily representative of any organization or affiliate.

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